Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Vote Will Ferrell For President

What comes to mind when you think of Broadway? Wicked? Rent? Maybe even… oh lord dare I say it… Cats? I am quite certain that Broadway has never before been associated with a past President’s penis. Yes, that’s right, a President’s penis. Last night Eddie and I attended Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush at the Cort Theatre on Broadway.

Who better to portray the force behind the lunacy and “accomplishments” of the last four years than Will Ferrell? The sets were minimal and the show was short (90 minutes and no intermission) for the price of the ticket, yet Mr. Ferrell did what he does best and relied on the art of stupidity, crudeness and comedy for profit. And quite a hefty profit I might add. The show has raked in over $5 million in its sold out three week stilt.

Ferrell embodies the Bush that 75% of Americans saw and disliked; lacking knowledge, utterly oblivious and trapped in childhood. Regrettably, Ferrell didn’t nail the southern draw Bush oddly has. Considering W was brought up and educated in New England – I’m assuming the twang was a way to buddy up to his Texas constituents. The show which mainly gained light laughter from the audience was laced with a few skits that were wild and outlandishly amusing. These ingenious riffs placed Jr., Bush Sr., and let’s not forget Jeb in an abandoned mine shaft where they are rescued by a masculine, steroid shooting Barbara Bush. Then to a military base in North Carolina, where W supervises the training of untamed monkeys with spear guns with the dual purpose of destroying Iraqis insurgent and, let’s not forget the most important reason, to entertain children (beware wild, spear gun yielding monkeys on the I-95 corridor). The seamless weaving together of actual events with outlandish, and at times frightening, fictional anecdotes bring us back to the glory days of SNL and Ferrell’s original impersonations of Bush Jr.

Overall, Ferrell’s idea of out with the old and in with the new “Tiger Woods guys” as he so eloquently puts it was hilarious and entertaining. This was a performance both Bush lovers and haters would enjoy, especially if you appreciate slapstick comedy. Just please, no children. The look of horror on the face of the mother that sat beside us with her young teenage boy was priceless. The wheels in her head were turning at full speed during the last hour of the show figuring out how she was going to explain what a Western hand job was to her son on the cab ride home.

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