Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wedge Sandals - A Big NO NO

I apologize for the last few days of silence. This past week was the week of animal hospitals, people hospitals, appendicitis, throw up, fat lips, 102 degrees, sweltering pavement, and dead bodies. All very interesting, all very tiring. It’s only Wednesday and I’m counting the days down until Friday. I plan on spending Saturday at the beach with a bottle of wine and a book. Either I’ll pass out drunk or finishing the monthly read for our group Reading Under the Influence. Both equally as pleasant.

Finally, FINALLY summer is here. But what the hell happened to spring? It went from 65 and sunny to 102 and f’ing unbearable. But what’s even more unbearable are wedge sandals. I loathe wedge sandals. Whoever created these disgusting shoes should be shot. Now don’t get me wrong small wedges are acceptable, but those huge cork wedges with leather straps have got to go! On my way to work today, I must have seen 20 women in business suits/professional attire with wedge sandals on. Dear lord I was appalled. It was as though without the spring to summer transition all fashion sense went out the window. So please ladies get some cute strappy sandals or summer heels but throw away those wedge sandals along with nylon stretchy pants. Amen!

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