Thursday, June 12, 2008

PETA - Prozac Needed

Last year my husband and I met with a group called the Coalition to Band Horse Drawn Carriages. Given the state of the horses I saw outside of Central Park and the fact they have no outdoor space to graze, originally I deemed this to be a good cause. The founder of the group and us discussed marketing ideas, plus ways for the group to gain popularity. During the conversation my connection to the racing industry came up and needless to say this egotistical, pompous woman ended the relationship right then. Up until this week I was still receiving mailings from this group until I saw their article supporting PETA.

For some reason people associate all vegans and vegetarians with PETA. Oh so wrong! My husband and I are vegetarians. We support quite a few animal programs through volunteering and donations. Basically we’ve averaged a pet a year for the last four years. What can I say, we’re pet lovers. Honestly, I like my animals more than I do most people. After PETA’s lash out at the racing industry over Eight Belles I truly believe all those self righteous, violent, ignorant people can go to hell. I do not relish publicly criticizing an organization striving to help animals. BUT, when one has engaged in a pattern of conduct so egregious as to threaten the credibility of the entire animal rights community, a strident disapprobation is not only warranted, I believe it is mandated.

PETA does more harm than good. They are an organization fueled by hate that feeds off of emotions.
The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) has a how-to guide for committing arson on their Web site,7 and one of their key members is awaiting trial in the Netherlands for murdering a political candidate who defended pig-farming.8 As for PETA, its spokesman, Bruce Friedrich, recently issued the following statement: “If we really believe that animals have the same right to be free from pain and suffering at our hands, then of course we’re going to be blowing things up and smashing windows … . I think it’s a great way to bring animal liberation, considering the level of suffering, the atrocities … .”9

Even if mainstream animal rights groups don’t participate in terrorist acts, they don’t condemn it, either. “We’re very aware of [ALF’s] activities,”10 said Heidi Prescott, national director of the Fund for Animals, an anti-hunting group in Silver Spring, Md. “[We don’t] participate in liberation, but we’re mighty happy when we hear about it.”11
Run by a woman who at one time worked at a high-kill shelter and prided herself on how many animals she put down. An organization that in 2007 only adopted out 13% of the animals they took in and euthanized 87%. PETA’s response to these findings basically stated that their ultimate goal is to abolish all personal pets. They believe that having a pet is like owing a slave and it’s better to put dear Fluffy down rather than keep him as a pet. This logic absolutely blows my mind. It’s scary that such unbalanced, unethical people are allowed to walk the streets, let alone have such a following. I support in 2008 calling for Ingrid Newkirk's resignation. Newkirk is the head of PETA, and it is under her orders and lead which all of this injustices have taken place. I believe that a more thorough investigation is warranted to determine if Newkirk has continued to commit any criminal acts resulting in animal deaths. If she has, she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, the same as any other animal abuser would be.

Now off of my rant of PETA and on to the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn carriages. The article posted basically states Eight Belles was run and then whipped to death, thus they were proud of PETA’s protests throughout the Triple Crown. Unfortunately, they do not understand the anatomy of the horse. I know this for a fact for the reason that during our meeting this woman was absolutely oblivious to this. Many times throughout our conversation I would get responses like “I didn’t know that” or “How interesting, I should speak with the vet about that.” Basically this woman knew nothing about the horse but decided she was going to pursue this cause as a way to place her anger. When I requested to be taken off her mailing list because of the mention of horse racing I receive an email in response saying I need to get my priorities in order. It’s heartbreaking that an organization will “fire” supporters because their beliefs do not coincide with their own. This is definitely not the way to gain support, if anything it’s counteractive. These people need some therapy and Prozac!

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