Friday, June 27, 2008

Mac Addiction

This is very hard for me to admit…. I have an addiction. It began with my iPod a few years ago and has slowly progressed into a very expensive habit. First the iPod, then the iBook Pro, then the software, then the iPhone, and just today I picked out the iMac I’m getting. I do not take much credit for this, I am the victim. I “blame” the Mac Geniuses that invented these machines, for its ease of use and the ease of becoming addicted to the ease with which one can do more and more on these marvelous contraptions. I swear it’s like crack. Not that I’ve ever smoked crack. But I’ve hear it’s just as addicting.

I realized today as I’m about to purchase this indulgence of a machine that I have arrived at a turning point where I have to “draw the line” as to what I will use my iMac for and how much time I will allocate to the various tasks I want to do. You ask, what the hell is she talking about? Well, I feel like (I know I am) a “Mac addict.” I am tempted to drastically cut back my computer uses so I can devote more time to other priorities, like exercising, reading and spending more time with real people! For example, I have spent countless hours in iPhoto tagging 5,000+ photos. After learning this, my husband gently tried to bring my OCD to my attention.

After some reflection (and considering the small fortune in hardware and software I have accumulated) I returned to my senses and decided there are exceptional and creative uses for Apple products that have enriched my life thus far. As much as I would like to give you facts right now to support my argument I’m too busy editing photos in iPhoto to sync to my account to upload to my mac website that no one reads.

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