Friday, April 3, 2009

Gabrielle Wortman

So there is this artist that I know. Stunningly beautiful with fierce intelligence. She’s unwilling to conform or be bought by the Britney Spears creators and the plastics that are pop music. She knows what she wants, and by all means possible, she will achieve it. This woman happens to be Gabrielle Wortman. Gabrielle is my sister.

I’ve witnessed the progression of her talent. I recall the sing and dance offs in my bedroom, stereo blaring with songs from the forgettable 90’s, as we forced our parents to watch and praise us. I remember her uncomfortable energy when she wasn’t creating, whether it be through her painting or through music. I also remember the fights. Ohh the fights! You’d never believed how we fought. Two little proper girls turned wild animals. God bless our parents.

And now here she is. Grown up and on the tipping point of her career. A shinning light through the Los Angeles smog. Sisters aside, I can’t believe the talent she’s got. And I can’t wait to see how her journey in the music industry plays out. Come and join me as I watch her take off. I’m so proud of you baby sis.


mai said...

good girl! good luck in the music biz!

Areianos said...

and I always wondered... does Jessica have a sister? Just kidding. She really is talented, voice and playing. Is it her composition as well?