Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Tomorrow. Tomorrow’s the day I begin taking baby steps in pursuing the career I desire. Tomorrow I begin classes at SVA for photography. I’m over the moon and absolutely thrilled to add some creativity to my life. Although finance pays the bills for now, this industry lacks color, imagination, and above all artistic depth. I pay the invoices. I smooth talk investors with hopes they forget how much money they’ve lost. I reconcile our portfolio and manage earnings calendars. Yet, at the end of the day there is no sense of accomplishment. No really meaning to my work. I’m just another 8:30-5:00 commuter and I look just as tired as the other corporate drones on the uptown 6 line. But in the meantime… it pays the bills.

2009 is the year. The year for change. I block out news of a recession, a country in turmoil. I put my head down and move against the storm. Change of career. Change of home. Change of state of mind. Time to revolutionize my thinking. No more negativity saturated and heavy with pessimism. 2009 is the year I refocus and re-reach for my goals. Tomorrow I begin following my path.


Marco said...

So ur keeping the job and following lessons as well?? I'm in london for 2 months till Feb monthend as exec assistant of one of the banks global heads. Works crazy but amazing experience and it's hard for me to escape all the negative newsflow....but your words are amazing and I fully agree with them. How's you? Any other news? Love M

Shima said...

Dear Jessica~
This was great to read! So inspirational as I am much in the same boat myself... Grateful to have a job, but yearn for a creative outlet and something personally meaningful at the end of the day.
Best of luck in your endeavors, I am sure you will be a grand success!

Lora Mitchell said...

Hi Jessica: How encouraging and enlightening.I have a feeling many of us would like to make changes in 2009 and begin anew. I have all the time in the world but find myself sitting on my butt too much, telling myself I'll do it tomorrow. Well, after moping around all day & sinking into a morbid, depressed state, I kicked my thoughts away, spanked my butt and decided time waits for no one...so I got off this butt, dragged out a little gem of an old play & started to do what I've wanted to do for a long time...turn it into a screenplay. Thanks for the boost, Jessica. Luv, Lora