Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tim McLean - Just Another Chicken For PETA

After countless rants on the unhinged organization PETA you all are clearly aware of my loathment of them. That animosity has become sadness. Sadness that a group can be so cruel to people.

A few weeks ago a terrible tragedy occured in Canada. Aboard a Greyhound bus a young man was brutally slain by the hands of a mad man. When I originally heard this story and the details of the murder I was physically and mentally sick. I began my college education pursuing a degree in forensics. Yes, I’ve seen dead bodies. Yes, I’ve studied murders. Yes, I’ve observed autopsies. Yet, for the first time I was completely blown away by an act of violence due to the lack of explanation around the crime. There was no connection between the victim and the criminal. There was no reason, no revenge, and still no answers. This was a random act so awful the Devil might have turn away in disgust.

At a time when a grieving family seeks answers; when the passengers on that bus are dealing with the loss of their innocence; and support and kind worlds pour out of every nook and cranny of the world – PETA sees an opportunity to make headlines…. again. In a display of absolute callousness PETA has published an ad eliciting sympathy for the slaughter of animals comparing that to the slaughter and beheading of Tim McLean (the funny thing is that the announcement is the only page on their blog when readers can't post comments - is your conscious getting to you PETA?) And to make this f’ing situation even MORE f’ing insane they hope to gain a few dollars through fundraising for the ethical treatment of animals and not the victim of this vicious crime. It’s disgusting (like the religious zealots of the ACLU - who will be protesting Canada at the McLean funeral) they see an opportunity to capitalize on death.

PETA is in much need of a business 101 class as I’m quite sure such marketing is counterproductive to their cause. I believe like Ingrid (who had her tubes tied as she doesn’t believe in human reproduction) all PETA members should follow her lead. Eventually all will be gone and the world will be a better place. That would be the one instance I would donate to this disgusting organization.

To the McLean family – our deepest sympathies go out to your family. You are in our prayers. Readers - if you can please stop by a TD Canada Trust Bank and made a donation to the "Tim McLean Trust." An account has been set up in memory of Tim so anyone who wishes to help this grieving family can make a donation to help pay for his final expenses. All excess funds will be donated to a cause that meant something to Tim, or set up as a trust. RIP Tim McLean.

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Chris said...


Hey, we haven't talked since high school but I read your blog every week or so and I just wanted chime in on something in light of your most recent post. I am so enthused that even as an animal lover (I consider myself one as well, though perhaps not as dedicated as you) you reject the disgusting propaganda of PETA. I heard of the senseless murder of Tim McLean (by an obviously desperately ill man) a few days ago and was similarly sickened and saddened. Before I read your post though, I was not aware of PETA’s abhorrent opportunism – trying to use this senseless tragedy to push their agenda. Upon reading your post I was immediately reminded of a video I once saw where PETA compared the slaughter of pigs to the Holocaust (of course there are more things wrong with that than I could possibly mention or even imagine).

I think that so many people who love animals ally themselves with PETA because they have no idea of their “ends justify the means” mentality in spite of any cruelty they may be inflicting on humans. A lot of what they do reminds me of that church whose members go to the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq hoisting signs claiming that our boys are dying because of God’s retribution against abortion and “fags.”

So my main point here is that I’m so glad that there are people out there who believe that both factory farming/the slaughter of animals is largely inhumane, but also that it is incomparable to the senseless murder of a young man riding a bus or six million people who simply didn’t believe that Christ is the Messiah. Thank you so much for putting a dissenting opinion out there. Keep on fighting the good fight.