Monday, August 18, 2008

Are You A Gossiping Hypochondriac?

Do you ever wonder what traits and habits you’ve inherited from family members? Maybe Uncle Albert, who is the black sheep of the family due to his hypochondriac tendencies, is convinced he’s suffering from the most disturbing diseases ever to plague mankind. Where unbeknownst to everyone you visit a doctor once a month. Or maybe there is a gossip queen in your family – possibly your cousin? She knows everything about everyone and of course she doesn’t hold back her opinions. Yet, if we're being honest here - you like a little trash talk too. But before the word vomit hits  you make it a point to say, “I don’t like to talk about anyone but….”

My mother picks her cuticles. I was a notorious nail biter until college, but never a picker. Unfortunately, once I kicked that habit I unconsciously progressed to cuticle picking. Sadly band-aids are needed much too often now. How about my OCD cleaning habits? Was this a hand me down from my grandmother who could possible have the cleanest house on the planet?

Last weekend during a visit with my aunt and uncle another piece to my personality puzzle fell into place. I am a work-a-holic. If I sleep past 8 AM I’ve wasted the morning. I can’t just sit and watch TV unless I’m “medicated” or pain stricken. God forbid I took a day off of work and just relaxed. I can’t even comprehend that. It just wouldn’t happen. After all I am a New Yorker. But I must thank my Aunt Cindy for this trait.

Upon our arrival in Delaware we were greeted by my aunt who resembles Glenn Close on speed. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that Cindy had “taken the day off” to enjoy our visit. In Cindy’s mind working 5 hours in the afternoon WAS taking the day off. In a nutshell this is what our lil' trip consisted of: arrival, then immediate departure to race track, race prep, race, winner’s circle, lunch, back to the track, race prep, race, walking back to the barn with our tails between our legged from out last place finish, mane pulling, feeding, home again, barn again, home again, drive back to Manhattan, and bed at 3 AM.

What a relaxing Saturday.

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alison said...

Fortunately or UNfortunately (depending on how you look at it...and on what kind of you ur having that day) its what happens when you have lived in the "city that never sleeps" for a while. Even the days I take off and purposely relax or go do something fun...the feeling of guilt of NOT being PRODUCTIVE, can ruin the day if you let it. But...I don't think i could have it any other way! : )