Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pitbulls And Pink Eye

My life and schedule tend to focus primarily around our animals. I refer to them as my babies and probably treat them better than I do most people. Some say they are good preparation for motherhood, others roll their eyes and mumble things like “misplaced priorities” and “counseling need.” Up until recently we’ve been very lucky at avoiding the insanely high cost of vet visits. That was until Zazu’s previously blogged about illness. No, I’m wrong. It wasn’t an illness. It was I’m a fat ass that will eat anything including petroleum jelly and dead flies. It took a few thousand dollars and a late night in the animal ER to produce such a diagnosis.

Now our latest addition to our family, Winnie, came down with an eye infection. The infection looks quite similar to pink eye. Now I’ve been told pink eye can come from contact with asses. And sniffing other dog’s asses happens to be Winnie’s favorite pastime activity. So either Winnie picked this up from her raunchy activities or our other cat Nala (who is a raging bitch) decided to teach this newcomer a lesson by rubbing her paws in her litter box and then smacking Winnie across the face. Either way in hopes of avoiding an outrageous vet bill I’m attempting to clear up the infection myself – much to Winnie’s dismay. I’ve dug up a dog cone, which fortunately for me keeps Winnie from rubbing her eyes, but unfortunately for Winnie has had a huge impact on her ego. I sure she’s thinking “F you Mom” as she walks into walls and refuses to go outside in hopes none of her neighborhood pals catch a glimpse of her as a pitiful pitbull. I’ve also been applying terramycin ophthalmic ointment several times a day. The first day Winnie was well behaved when it came to this application, but now she turns into psycho puppy pulling away, running around the apartment and snarling like a rabid beast as Nala sits gleaming vindictively at this mayhem.

I’m hoping our efforts pay off because if the infection doesn’t get better by tomorrow I will be bring Winnie to the vet…. and then being forced to eat a cup of noodles for dinner. When your vet bills are more than your Manhattan rent – maybe it’s time for us to hold off on bring more animals into our life. Just a thought.

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