Monday, July 28, 2008

Life Lessons Learned From This Past Weekend

What an insanely hectic weekend! In the last two weeks I feel as though the weekends have been nonexistent. These past 48 hours has provided me with many life lessons I feel are extremely important to share.

1. Dogs and bones truly are not compatible. Yes, dogs love bones, but their stomachs do not. Sad puppy faces will no longer be rewarded with bones.

2. Puppy shit all over your apartment at 6 AM is not pleasant. It is not the puppy’s fault. This can be blamed on the goddamn bone.

3. Carpets and animals can not coexist. Wood floors make me happy.

4. Do not pay to clean your carpets when you have three animals.

5. Husbands are like children. Sometimes a timeout is needed.

6. No matter how intelligent your husband is. Simple words and short sentences equal better comprehension.

7. Invisalign is the devil.

8. Best friends and Xanax could possibly be God’s best creations.


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