Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reading Under The Influence: A Book Gathering For The Sophisticated New Yorker

One of my favorites ladies, Diana Applebee and I have started a book club! We couldn't be more thrilled with the responses we've gotten so far. I'm really surprised at how many people were interested in participating in a book club. But then again this is not the typical, like your mother's book club, book club. We've combined two passions, reading and drinking... quite possibly heavily. Come on! We New Yorkers always need to be rewarded for our hard work. We're all addicts. Most of us need rehab for our blackberry/technology addictions. Some may laugh, but to us it's worse than crack. This group gives us all some incentive to get off the computer, put down the blackberry, and turn off the TV. But then again... I'm sure many members are multi-taskers.

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Ashley White said...

Hey there! When, where, time? Love ya!