Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As most of you know, we have crammed yet another animal into our 600 sq. foot apartment. We got so lucky with this one! Winnie is such a joy, well behaved and quite possibly the best dog ever.

Winnie was found in Central Park by the rangers and for the last four months has been staying with a foster waiting for her forever home. (Thank you Antje for all the training and love you’ve given Winnie. You’ve saved us so much time and energy!)

Both Edward and I were against adopting another pet. We have two crazy cats and a turtle. But once we laid eyes upon Winnie it was love at first sight. Within minutes we made the decision to take her home. I cannot even express how great of a decision it was!

Winnie was up for adoption through a fantastic organization called, Stray from the Heart (
http://www.strayfromtheheart.org/). If you are interested in adopting please contact them. They are so devoted to rescuing dogs and cats and truly have made it their life’s work to finding forever homes for the animals. Bravo!

Please welcome Winnie “Pooh Bear” Prokop.

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yipppeeeee! you'll be hooked and I LOVE the profile pic!!! love, meg