Monday, April 14, 2008

Some Thoughts Before Bed

I think the most difficult thing about blogging is having the ability to sit down, tune everything out and focus on one thing. I live in the city that never sleeps. No matter where you go on this tiny island there are 1000 things all happening simultaneously. I think that's why I've developed such a love for photography. It gives me the ability to focus on something and extract its beauty and its story so that everyone can enjoy it. Everything is beautiful and everything can be view at art. And I hope as I improve my skill that my photos will show how I see the world. As the picture shows, focus and determination will get you that perfect shot.

Aside from my hobby, April has been a crazy month for Edward and I. We're finalizing our Europe trip (May 8th through 17th), enjoying our new puppy, and working insane hours. On top of that there is a possibility we might be moving! Keep your fingers crossed!

I have been also keeping up with my new year's resolutions. My top one was to find the time to read more. I must say, for many years I have been having a love affair with the written word. Stepping in a world outside your own and being engulfed by a story line. I have found so many others that share my love and I have decided, with my good friend Diana, to start a book club. Once details are finalized I will let you all know.

Any suggested readings for our first meeting?

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