Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reasons Behind My Silence

Ahh my friends, it has been way too long since I’ve blogged. I have missed you and hope you have missed my ramblings. Lately life has taken some surprising twists and turns, but mostly all for the best. I finally (and officially) launched Jessica Leigh Photography as I figured it was about time I turned my passion into a career. I could not be happier with the demand especially in this terrible economy and I am so honored to have worked with such incredible clients thus far. These last few months have been a blast. I cannot sit still – I am so excited – to see what 2010 brings! If you are interested in my work or just bored and surfing the web head over to or and check out what I have been a busy bee on.

Along with the photography I have become increasingly involved with animal charities and rescues; from donating photography packages for events to photographing dogs in hopes that a professional picture will increase their chances for adoption. I strive to be the voice for those whom cannot speak. I have especially focused on pit bull rescues. Pit bulls are such a misunderstood and mislabeled breed. Society tends to forget there are no bad dogs, but people that make bad dogs. It is time we begin seeing this precious breed once again as Petey from the Little Rascals and not as a killer. My heart breaks to see the suffering animals have to endure and I am going to make sure I do my part to stop this.

This past year was also filled with travels, hardships, new friends, and much laughter. All I plan to share with you very soon, but for now back to work.

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NYCKitten said...

So glad your back on your blog. Just saw the work you did for Pet Project, what awesome pics. You talk the talk and you walk the walk - keep up the great work! The pit bulls need you! =)