Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Old New York Meets Trendy New York At The Waverly Inn

Last night my husband and I dined at The Waverly Inn for my husband’s birthday. Although NYC is the epitome of trendy – I tend to avoid these hot spots. I much rather meander the streets and find a cozy café or an Italian trattoria reminiscent of Italy. Yet, a colleague of mine suggested The Waverly Inn and provided me with the “secret” reservation email (apparently you need to know somebody before you are granted your reservation).

Located on the beautiful street Waverly Place, The Inn is unpretentious and inconspicuous. The door is hidden and upon entrance to the 1844 brownstone you are thrown back to a forgotten time. The low ceilings and fireplace provide an intimate and romantic dining experience. We were seated by Mario Batali who was dining with his family. I guess for the food critics out there that would be an immediate stamp of approval. I then excused myself to the bathroom only to be face to face with Jeremy Piven. All before my water was pored and my wine order taken.

The food? Only three words are needed – macaroni and cheese. Quite possibly the most mouth watering, indulgent plate that has ever touched my palate. With truffles imported from Italy and cheese made from a man secluded somewhere in the Alps with his goats it’s utterly sinful. And with the first bite – I forgot how much I paid for it.

For those who want to dine with celebrities – I highly recommend The Waverly Inn. For those more interested in spoiling your mouth and stomach – I highly recommend it. And for those looking to get lucky at the end of the night – I highly recommend trying to bring your date here.

(Feel free to provide me with brides and monetary compensation and I just might consider providing you with the email... or not.)

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c.a. Marks said...

Oooooh lucky you! Just one more reason I want to move to NYC!!!