Thursday, October 30, 2008

How NYC Does Halloween

Quite possibly tomorrow is the first Halloween I will actually be participating in since I was a child. In high school instead of mischief nights or pretending to trick or treat I opted for scary movies, my couch, and buying my own candy. Tracking up and down streets in the freezing cold for candy just didn’t seem worth it. In college Halloween morphed into slutty costumes and drunkenness.

Since then unfortunately the spookish night has taken place during the work week. My adulthood responsibilities and the 40 degree east coast weather took priority over my desires to dress up and run around the city into the late morning hours. Tomorrow though I plan on taking full advantage of what this city has to offer. I was able to get my hands on a press pass for the Village Parade. As a photographer my creative energies are flowing! As embarrassing as this may be as a New Yorker I have yet to experience the Parade (I’ve also never been to the Statue of Liberty or to the top of the Empire State building). To my fellow New Yorkers – can I even consider myself one of you? So tomorrow night I will lose my virgin status and as a press photographer I will experience what The New York Times has called “the best entertainment the people of this City ever give the people of this City.”

After the parade and about 123,908,208,038,098,230,850 pictures later we are planning on going to Blood Manor. In the battle for top NYC Haunted House, Blood Manor got better reviews than Nightmare: Ghost Stories. Any thumbs up or thumbs down from the audience? Let me know!

How about you all? Any plans for All Hallows Eve? Any fabulous costume ideas? If you’d like, send me pictures of you/or a friend/or a pet in a Halloween costume and we can vote on who has the most creative and original one.

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