Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Religion Overload?

I believe one of the major flaws of this upcoming election is the focus on religion. I understand that millions of people shape their beliefs around faith, however, with less than sixty days to the election we need to shift focus onto what can be done for our country to get us out of this economic and foreign policy crisis. Yet, I feel everything I have read or seen lately distributed by the republican party is either slander or religious propaganda. The focus shouldn’t be on Palin, but on McCain and Obama. Who has the better healthcare policy? Who’s going to improve the economy? How about Iraq?

Yet how can that happen when the other three individuals in this race have been in the spotlight since day one, and unfortunately we have yet to see any interviews with the republican VP nominee? It’s as though every word out of Palin’s mouth (which appears to be completely scripted) is on how she’s a hockey mom who likes guns, who believe the government should control women’s bodies, and oh ya God gives her political advice. Didn’t you see Him? Front row and center in the American flag sequence hat and shirt at the RNC? All humor aside, as a country we need to know her standpoint on these issues considering there is a strong possibility she could end up President. Maybe once I hear more from her I’ll like her.

Even though McCain’s numbers have sky rocketed in the last few weeks, I find it hard to believe that McCain would have chosen Palin if Obama had selected Clinton as his running mate. Once the buzz subsides, will Palin still be considered a “pit bull in lipstick?”

The liberal site The Huffington Post published an interesting article on Palin’s religious background. Check it out here!

I’m very interested in the opinions of others - so you tell me! Are we on religion overload? Once the republican party let’s Palin speak do you believe you’ll still be impressed by her?


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. I don't believe I have heard much about the religious views of Palin or any other candidate, and if there is religious talk who cares?. Religion is a part of many Americans lives. People believe very strongly in their faith and have every right to inquire about the candidates religious views. However, I tend to agree with you that we need to hear more about the things that will eventually effect all of us. The only problem with that is Obama and most democrats are quick to tell us what they are going to do, but not how they plan on doing it. They paint this wonderful picture of how things are going to be when they get into office, but it's simply not that easy. As for the liberal website on Palins speech. Of course she would talk about God, and ask people to pray for the troops, pray for God's will, pray for a pipeline she is in fact in church. When giving a speech one has to consider the audience. Palin's audience were people who worshipped God. It is not surprising how she went about her speech and in no way hints to how she runs her governor's office. If I was concerned with anyone being in church it would be Obama and the hateful preacher that resides in one of God's houses. The fact that he no longer attends that church was a great political move! I wonder if his friend William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn attend that church. Maybe you should do your next blog on these two terrible human beings and see just what were dealing with when it comes to Obama and the people he rubs shoulders with. Nonetheless no matter who wins we will see history and that in itself shows the strength and forward progress of our great country.

Jessica (Blog Author) said...

Thank you for your comment (whoever you are)! I agree, it will be interesting to see how everything pans out.

God's Messanger said...

Lets get something straight here, there is nothing wrong with praying for our troops, or a pipeline, or a big moose to enter the cross hairs of your AK-47 for your stew. It is an entirely different thing to say the war is God's mission, or that God wants us to build this pipeline so we must. Thats called hijacking God, and the big guy (gal) I know is not keene on that. God does not want us to rape his beautiful planet anymore he wants to tell homosexuals that they are inferior and don't deserve to have their unions recognized by the federal government.

Palin and now even McCain are bringing religion way to far into the political spectrum. Our forefathers did not intend for this, and we have a nice little reminder of this called the Constitution. People are free to have there own religious beliefs, and certainly these beliefs can remain separate from ones governmental functions as a governor or president. However, when Palin says that this nonsense is God's will and that is why it should be done, there is no way to separate that form her role as governor. I am sorry, we have never, and should never have a president that says do this in the name of God's will. That is why we call the terrorists radical fundamentalists. They twist there own will into a message from God.

Anonymous said...

"Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also, for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending [U.S. soldiers] out on a task that is from God," she exhorted the congregants. "That's what we have to make sure that we're praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God's plan." (Palin)

This is actually what Palin said about the war. I do not believe she said it was God's mission, but thanks for twisting words. She is speaking to a people of faith that believe the world is an uncertain place, but they have faith that all the crazy and horrible things that happen are for a reason, and these must be accounted for in God's plan.

I don't believe we are raping God's planet. The earth yields resources, and we happen to be fortunate enough to use these resources. Here comes the Global Warming talk. Save it. There is just enough proof for it as against it. Although the media would never dare to tell both sides of a story. Especially when the inventor of all that is holy, Al Gore, in his private Jet, and multiple homes across the country leads this extortion. By the way, he also invented the internet.

Lastly, you bring up the constitution, and seperation of church and state as if the two relate. You couldn't be more wrong if you thought this. No where in the constitution are these words mentioned or even implied. In fact, its quite the opposite. The constitution refelects Christian principles and morals and Jesus believe it our not. So when you say Government and Realigion have no place next to each other, you will have to take a better look at those Four Fathers you mention considering they were all God fearing men and wrote the document.

God's Messenger...Who are you? Moses, Muhammad, or Jesus Christ himself?

Anonymous said...

First of all, the God's messenger was a joke (given the topic). Lighten up a little. Now for the substance.

"TASK FROM GOD." That means that the religious zealot thinks that the mission is something that God wants us to do. So before you accuse someone of twisting, realize how ridiculous it sounds to say that this is not stating it as God's mission. When I get "tasks" from my boss, I am following his orders. It is his will that these tasks are completed because he views them as necessary and right.

If you don't believe we are raping God's planet you are out of your gourd. There are not actual arguments on both sides. Check this fact: There is not a single Nobel Prize winner who argues that global warming is not real and not caused by mankind. Not a single one that says it is a normal cycle of the planet. So trust you biased sources, try and substantiate them with anyone in the field with any good standing at all and they will be rebuked.

For arguments sake, lets say that oil is a resource God wants us use. It is only going to make us more dependent on foreign oil and for longer. If we keep investing in an energy infrastructure like oil, we spend all that BIGOIL money on new drilling projects, and new pipelines. We do not spend those billions of dollars on wind, solar or nuclear energy. When that oil runs out (because we don't have nearly enough to be self-sufficient for more than a decade), we will not have the infrastructure in place for Alt. energy, and we will turn back to Russia, the Saudi's, Venezuela and China (who rapes it from Darfur). That's a dangerous national security scenario. They are all hoping we keep up with that "Drill here, drill now!" banter. They cherish our patronage.

As for Palin, and proof that she is as twisted as the rest of the Bushies running the McCain camp, check out her full abortion position. Not even for incest and rape in the state with the highest rate of BOTH in the entire country. To top it off, she supports charging rape victims for the rape kits after the attack (then she would tell them they have to keep that child is she had it her way).

Tough on corruption? Palin requested more in earmarks per citizen than any other governor in the country (20 times the national average). She built a sport complex in Wasilla, a town that does not even have a sewer treatment facility yet. She came in has a mayor to a town with no debt, and left it $26 million in the hole. Oh yeah, Troopergate. She has been denying it all lately. Turns out a judge had to tell her and sister to stop the witch hunt. She did, until she became governor.

c.a. Marks said...

I found your blog via "Blogged" and I wrote a review.

Back to the topic though, I am a conservative republican and I have to agree with you. LOL I like Palin but I need to know more. I was NOT thrilled with McCain as our nominee but with him choosing Palin as VP I have to admit I did get a little excited.

I'm not thrilled with Obama either by the way.

Love your blog!