Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fish Pedicures

Manhattan is a wonderful place for the superficial. I must admit since becoming a full time resident of the city that never sleeps I have become immensely aware of such frivolous behaviors. Such as never wearing sandals without newly lacquered toenails, spas are for “improving” one’s health and no longer a once a year indulgency, and what I would pay for a purse has significantly increased because somewhere in the corner of my mind I’ve convinced myself I must have it. Yet, apparently I’m way behind the times as I have yet to have a fish pedicure. That’s right folks a fish pedicure.

From what I gather before this fishy experience you place your feet in a bowl of water and the toothless carp indulge in a feast of dead skin. This somewhat reminds me of falling in the Amazon River only to be greeted by hungry piranhas – but never fear – these are toothless carp aka doctor fish! Preceding this massacre of toe cheese and flesh is a standard pedicure.

This past week while indulging in a mani-pedi I asked my favorite nail technician with the American name “Jenny” if she had heard of such a pedicure. As she wrinkled her nose and violent shook her head no she kept repeating the words “no offer” and “dirty” and then began speaking in Chinese to the other technicians, presumably making fun of the me, the stupid girl.

I have an inkling PETA will be all over this soon.

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