Sunday, July 20, 2008


Within a four block radius of my apartment there are two Starbucks. I live on the Upper Eastside (AKA the country of the city). By my office – I’ve counted four. Every morning between 8-10 AM you can guarantee there will be a line out the door of each and every one of those stores. Talk about market saturation. I guess you could say Manhattan is excluded from the recent news of Starbucks closing 600 US stores.

Up until recently I was a Starbucks junkie. Morning and afternoon I was in line to throw down $5.45 on a venti White Mocha Chocolate. It was my liquid crack. My husband was worse. He averaged 3 to 4 venti coffees per day. Needless to say I don’t catch a buzz off caffeine anymore. While figuring out where we could cut corners and start saving more money we decided to calculate what we were spending on this addiction. Holy mother of god! I nearly fainted when I saw what our monthly Starbucks cost was. But then I started thinking - if I ceased my Starbucks habit I would be able to spend more on my other habit… shopping. My husband did not think that logic would benefit the plan to save more money and very unwilling I agreed.

It’s been months and I’ve only purchased my beloved white mocha twice (a big pat on the back for me!) I have gotten into the routine of making coffee when I get to the office in the morning and in the afternoon substituting coffee for a redbull. Please do not lecture me – I am quite aware of how unhealthy redbulls are, however, I work at a hedge fund and the majority of my coworkers live off of it.

I happen to be wasting time on youtube today and came across a Foamy rant on Starbucks. It’s absolutely hilarious and right in line with today’s post. I love this little squirrel. He says what people only think but would never say in fear of being shot. He’s crude, rude and downright f’ing hilarious (although my father doesn’t think so). Now, here comes the disclaimer – the language is a little harsh so mom and dad send the kiddies away before you click on the below video. Enjoy!

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