Tuesday, July 8, 2008


In the middle of my wrath last week I wrote a blog about wilddigital.com and their appalling customer service department. I must confess, I was the idiot for ordering through a third party site and just this once I will allow you all to tell me, “I told you so.” But today I have discovered a company far worse, far more confrontational, and far far more f’ing annoying than wilddigital.com. It is in my opinion this good for nothing company should be forced into taking Customer Service 101.

I broke down last week and purchased the iMac. I would have dragged that 25 lbs. box all the way up fifth to my apartment IF Apple had the model I wanted in stock. I, unfortunately, was not so lucky. So I reluctantly ordered this beautiful piece of equipment online. Well to make a long story short, it was sent out FedEx home ground (I.E. FedEx’s way of causing you to want to stick a pencil through your eye) and not the expedited shipping I’d requested. Once the computer left Apple I was now a pawn in the hands of the evil customer service reps of FedEx that seem to enjoy screwing with customers.

In the course of 11 days here is what we’ve endured:

  1. FedEx has yet to update their computers from the ENIAC which was released in 1943 considering it took them 11 f’ing days to change a zip code which they originally messed up on.

  2. Apparently 10128 and 10022 which are 15 blocks apart is the equivalent of rerouting a package from Earth to Pluto for FedEx.

  3. All the customer services reps I have spoken to over the course of this experience seem to be complete idiots. Not one had the correct story and not one gave a damn about helping me. They must receive a bonus for how quick they can “resolve” an issue and move on to the next hopeless soul. (The lesson here, kids stay in school. If you don’t, you might just work for FedEx and hate life as much as the people I have dealt with.) One even spoke to me as though I slept with her husband. So f’ing rude.

And now on day 12 of this horrendous ordeal I was told my only opinions were I could go to the Brooklyn location between the hours of like 1 AM and 4 AM to pick the package up or I can twiddle my thumbs until the delivery guy sees fit to deliver my computer (which was originally supposed to arrive on July 2nd).

Is it just me or have customers lost all their rights? What the hell happened to customer service? Where does FedEx get the right to hold hostage my expense piece of equipment when I paid THEM for delivery? FedEx better deliver my iMac within the next 24 hours or I just might be outraged enough to pull a Milton Waddams from the movie Office Space.


Anonymous said...

I just had an excellent FedEx experience. You can't beat their customer service.

Jessica L. Prokop said...

I'm hoping this comment is dripping with sarcasm. If not, please let me know about your experience. Maybe you can reestablish my trust in FedEx.

Anonymous said...

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